Rally IV Affiliate Program Launch!

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Rally IV & Parent Corporation Phoenix Enterprises Int'l, Inc., premiers Affiliate Program in Feburary 2019

With a new year comes a new ‘gig’ opportunity for both Rally Clientele, and enterprising individuals in the ever-growing field of Health & Wellness. This new program, geared to a wide swath of potential Affiliates from Influencers, to Fitness buffs, to part-time Drivers, gives an opportunity to cash in on sharing Rally’s services in the field of Mobile Infusions along with future products coming in Q2 2019 and beyond!

Details Of The Announcement

Running on PhoenixEII’s proprietary program, Rally Affiliates will receive a variable fee of $10+ on EVERY Infusion order from Clients brought onto the Rally platform for the Lifetime of the active* Affiliate. The fees earned, and paid out every two weeks via Stripe Connect, will give those passionate about the benefits of Intravenous Services as well as Rally’s future (TBA) products a generous return on their effort.

Who Gets To Join

With Rally’s unbeatable service powered by the highest of caliber Providers, and a winning commission structure for its Affiliates, there has to be a catch right?

Of Course there is! (but for good reason)

The catch is only a select few in regional areas will be given the opportunity to come on board. Ideal candidates for Rally’s Affiliate Program range in scope, and  ideally include (but not limited to):

  • Fitness Gurus (Looking at you: Yoga Instructors, Coaches, Nutritionists)
  • ‘Gig’ Professionals – (Uber / Lyft Drivers, Freelancers)
  • Wedding Planners
  • Event Promoters
  • Club / Bar Owners
  • Stylists & Salon Professionals
  • Tanning Salons

Professionals already working with Clientele interested in Wellness, Beauty, & Recovery are the ideal Rally Affiliates, so are you one or perhaps you know someone who is? Awesome! Check out the Program and apply today:


Rally Affiliate Program (Click Here)


*Affiliates adhering to Rally’s Affiliate Terms & Conditions are considered ‘active’.

Ryan Stires

Ryan Stires

Beach Bum, Shenanigator, Co-Founder & CEO of Phoenix Enterprises Int'l Inc.

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