Intravenous Glutathione

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Glutathione is essential for dynamic immunity. That is how "the Mother of Antioxidants" got it's nickname. Dr. Mark Hyman wrote in the Huffington Post that Glutathione is "the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease".

Glutathione is essential for dynamic immunity. That is how “the Mother of Antioxidants” got it’s nickname. Dr. Mark Hyman wrote in the Huffington Post that Glutathione is “the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease”.

Glutathione is so powerful, it is used in cancer research. One example involves women with ovarian cancer who were being treated with chemotherapy. Certain patients were also treated with intravenous glutathione. Those given glutathione not only had fewer side effects from chemo, but also had better overall survival rates!

People with no medical conditions are also leveraging glutathione for elevated performance. Boosting detoxification and improved immunity are two ways our body and mind become enhanced through increased glutathione levels.

Stomach acids can break down important peptide bonds within the glutathione molecule during oral intake. A glutathione infusion may increase bioavailability by intravenously elevating intracellular concentrations of glutathione. 

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Miami Provider

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