I’ve been training for a half marathon which has left me feeling weak and fatigued but to top that off, I went a bit too hard last weekend... I felt absolutely amazing after two bags from Rally! And the nurse comes to you!! highly suggest!
Jessica Herbst
Jessica H.
05:29 03 Dec 18
Not a huge IVs, or at least I wasn't... but I gotta say, the nurse was amazing and I felt incredible after. I'll be doing this again for sure!
corey gibson
corey G.
18:29 21 Jul 18
I was hungover and jet-lagged (bad combo). I booked a service with Rally, had a pleasant experience with a nice nurse and feel much better. Great service!
maya wava
maya W.
02:46 28 May 18
Great response time, great attitude, comprehensive service. A real value when you need/want to get your mojo back quickly.
Paul Cameron
Paul C.
02:43 28 May 18
I have been LA# 1 requested provider for repeat clients for Rally. I'v even had clients that call me directly for services and those that ask for me directly when they call in the company operator. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and with this company for 3 years and yes they have been times where payment was slow. But with a new company start up like Rally that could be a possibility. Rally has always been able to pay out within a timely manor, given the circumstance of a start up company like Rally. I am excited to see where this company is headed within the next few years. "GO Rally IV Hydration!"
Robert Baker
Robert B.
02:28 28 May 18
I've used Rally Life several times and am hooked. The first time I used it, I was getting over the flu and thought extra hydration might help so I tried...
Timothy D.
Timothy D.
14:45 04 Mar 18
My whole family has been battling a cold for three weeks now! � As the mom it’s my job to try and stay healthy to take care of everyone else! With a breastfeeding infant and a toddler that spiked a 104 fever, this is just the boost I needed to be able to get stuff done!
Jade Michele Springmeyer
Jade Michele S.
18:22 03 Mar 18
Very professional experience, the nurse practitioner came to my home and was respectful towards my space. I have very tricky veins but she was able to get the IV in the first time, with minimal pain. I recommend getting at least the Myers cocktail, if not the Glutathione. I think I'll be a regular user of this service.
Charles Christopher
Charles C.
03:51 04 Nov 17
I have used Rally four times now, and every single session is amazing. They are very professional and always friendly. I have experienced everything from...
Kris S.
Kris S.
20:14 29 Oct 17
These guys deliver - literally. Amazing that this has not existed longer. Their people are obviously carefully and selectively well-vetted and man - no side effects and this stuff WORKS. You can go from "strung out zombie" to swing-dancing brainiac in no time. No, it's not cheap, but for days when life has just worn you out - whatever the cause - and you need to get back on top NOW - it's worth it. Definitely worth it.
Cleve N
Cleve N
08:35 13 Oct 17
These guys deliver - literally. Amazing that this has not existed longer. Their people are obviously carefully and selectively well-vetted and man - no side...
David N.
David N.
01:20 13 Oct 17
Potent and powerful. In a town that makes demands on your energy and creative resources, this genuinely can supercharge you in a clutch situation. Great, attentive, super-friendly people who know how to deliver.
Cleve North
Cleve N.
19:24 12 Oct 17
I have been a RN for 20+ years I am a provider call us anytime.
Robert Wayne Baker
Robert Wayne B.
23:42 07 Oct 17
Highly recommend using Rally for when you need a pick-me-up!The whole process was seamless, the Nurse was extremely kind and I felt fantastic afterwards!! Would throw more stars up here if I could!
Sarah Tyer
Sarah T.
17:52 06 Oct 17
Honestly this was an amazing experience. I had an awesome nurse and the process was simple and relaxing. Afterwards I felt lighter and more invigorated, like I was 💯 again. I am gonna use this service after super taxing events like workouts and parties. Thanks rally
Nicholas Geiger
Nicholas G.
15:06 06 Oct 17
Megan Cleveland
Megan C.
06:20 07 Sep 17
Hands down best hangover 'cure'. Provider was super fun and on point - ask for Robert!
Mike Skuddlebutt
Mike S.
00:24 30 Aug 17
Easy and powerful. This is an excellent option for anyone wanting to feel good fast. I am back to 100%! Thank you
Casey Bradford
Casey B.
05:08 16 Aug 17
Rally Premium delivered incredible energy all day. A+
Casey Bradford
Casey B.
21:04 06 Oct 16
I had the best night of my life that was completely ruined this morning from the most epic hangover. I live in LA and have heard about IV Hydration clinics popping up. I decided that it would be the best way to get my mind and body back to normal. When I found out there was an app that I could use to order a nurse to my home I was as thrilled as I could be in my groggy sunlight hating state (The thought of going outside to a clinic made me want to hurl). The app was easy to use, and the nurse showed up within the hour. 30 minutes later I was hooked up and halfway through my IV... words cannot describe how good I started to feel. I felt like a butterfly hatching from my drunk cocoon. The Rally nurse was sweet, professional and respectful. I couldn't have asked for a better service.
Chroma Souls
Chroma S.
17:44 01 Jul 16
Sebastian Wegryn
Sebastian W.
01:20 26 Apr 15


Don’t see the answer below? Give us a call at: 1-877-241-7648

YES! We do accept Health Savings & Flexible Savings Accounts! 🙌

Enter your account information directly at checkout, and contact a Rally Representative via Chat (below) or phone (877-241-7648) if you have any issues.

We do not bill insurance companies directly, however your carrier *may* reimburse part or all of your out of pocket expense. Please check with your carrier before booking if you plan to request reimbursement, a Rally Representative will be happy to accommodate you with any necessary paperwork. 

Rally IV and Associates make no guarantees your carrier will reimburse! 

Fitness Replenish essential fluids lost during activity. Regain electrolytes to flush system out from toxins and recover from activity quicker then a sports drink. Give your body a boost before you workout to have better focus and less stress on your joints and muscles.

Hangovers Preventing a hangover is easier then treating one. Powerful antioxidants help your body metabolize alcohol by products. You body will process alcohol faster, resulting in a hangover free morning, or a quicker recovery from one. Electrolytes aid in rehydrating the body.

Jet Lag High altitude and changes in cabin pressure can cause some symptoms such as dehydration, stress and lack of sleep that infusions can help with. Traveling may also bring you in contact with germs and diseases that a boost in vitamins and electrolytes will aid your body in defending.

Sickness Giving your body a boost of fluids with electrolytes, vitamins and/or antioxidants will aid in preventing and recovering from common colds, the flu and any other airborne diseases by boosting your body’s immune system and clearing out harmful toxins.

Beauty Clear and hydrated skin looks phenomenal on everyone. Glutathione is a master anti – oxidant that has anti – aging properties and aids in boosting the immune system.

*Results may vary


California: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Inland Empire

Nevada: Las Vegas

Florida: Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Miami


Our Providers are available for service requests from 8am-11pm local time. Our Main Office Hours hours are 8am-11pm PST. If you schedule a service before or after our business hours, your service is subject to a delay.

* An extra travel fee may be applicable if you are greater than 30 minutes from an available provider.

Normal Saline, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, Biotin

Services are performed by licensed Medical Professionals consisting of Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

That depends on the level of dehydration that you are experiencing. If you are concerned about the frequency of IV infusion services speak with your Provider or Physician, every case is unique.

If you have ever gone to an emergency room, chances are you have received an IV infusion. It’s the quickest and most efficient method for treating dehydration. Rally IV provides you the ability to have a licensed medical professional deliver an IV infusion to you in the convenience of your home, office, hotel or other location of your choice.

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